RDC VI accredits PICE Iloilo Chapter

The Regional Development Council (RDC) VI confirmed the accreditation of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Iloilo Chapter for the period of 2022 to 2025 through a letter dated August 2, 2022.

The RDC VI accredits private sector organizations (PSOs), which serve as the council’s main source of potential private sector representatives (PSRs).

By virtue of Executive Order No. 325 (as amended), the PSRs of the RDC VI comprise a quarter or 25 percent of the members of the fully constituted RDC.

“The accreditation of the RDC VI is an essential part of the realization of PICE’s goals in nation-building,” PICE Iloilo Chapter President Engr. Mary Earl Daryl A. Grio shared.

The RDC VI is the highest policymaking and planning body in Western Visayas and serves as the primary institution that coordinates and sets the direction of all economic and social development efforts in the region.

The PICE Iloilo Chapter, being the premier organization of civil engineers and civil engineering practitioners, aims to look after the infrastructure development sector in the region through this accreditation in the RDC VI.

“We worked hard to achieve this accreditation and we are grateful to the RDC VI for the selection of PICE Iloilo Chapter. This will open opportunities for us and our members to collaborate and contribute directly to the region’s development,” Engr. Grio added.

Among the minimum criteria for the selection included: (1) legal personality, (2) performance, and (3) nationality.


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