Pres. Garin: “Empowerment, technology can both work”

As a way of inspiring and challenging the next generation of civil engineers, PICE Iloilo Chapter President Oscar “Richard” Garin Jr. emphasized that the their skill plus their age is an essential component to sustain the demands for the civil engineering profession.

In his opening remarks during the first-ever webinar of PICE Iloilo Chapter on May 29, 2021, he shared that the pandemic itself has been an opportunity for every professional where they became more reachable through technology.

“Empowerment and technology [can] both work to the advancement of the profession,” he shared.

The PICE Iloilo chief executive shared that the organization has been in the forefront in ensuring civil engineers especially those in their early careers are empowered despite the effects of the pandemic.

Through the webinar which took about eight hours with three high-caliber speakers, he thought of technology’s evolution and the need of upgrading the skills of Ilonggo civil engineers. (PICE Iloilo/RAM)


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